Marquee Hire

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Looking for Marquee hire services in London, UK or Europe? Look no further we are a professional Marquee hire company. Marquees can provide the perfect personalised venue for any occasion, we work with your space to provide structures of any shape and size to create something truly beautiful. From intimate parties to huge commercial functions, Contraband Crew are market leaders in providing and installing the best marquees for hire, that cater for any sort of event.

We offer for hire and can assemble, a wide range of different marquees for weddings, private and corporate parties. Our marquees include:

  • Marquee bar units
  • Marquee dance floors
  • Marquee dining areas
  • Marquee heating
  • Marquee kitchens
  • Marquee lighting

You can hire any kind of marquee, from small marquees to multi-story structures to Clearspan Marquees, Dance Tents, Dome Marquees, Party Marquees, Pagoda Marquees, Pole Tents, Traditional Marquees for all occasions. We work with both private and commercial clients to transform their visions into reality.

Our Marquee hire service offers around the clock support – we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Let us take the stress away from you hiring a marquee, and create a magical space for you and your guests to enjoy.

We also offer fully trained marquee riggers for hire.

hire beautiful marquees

What is the difference between hiring a marquee and a party tent?

The terms party tent and marquee are often used interchangeably however there are some subtle distinguishing factors between the two structures. The primary difference between party tents and marquees is the style and size of the frame. Party tents have a smaller ‘party frame’ and the tent frame is made from poles of a lesser diameter to those in marquee structures. These large diameter structures are called ‘big frames’ and used in marquee production.

The difference in party tent and marquee frame size and style is a result of the overall differing size and purpose of each structure. Party tents, in general, are smaller than marquees and used for small weddings and intimate events. Marquees on the other hand are suitable for events of any size, specifically large events. The key difference between hiring a marquee and party tent is the number of riggers involved with construction. Subsequent to the ‘big frame’ used in marquee construction a comparatively larger marquee rigging team is required than the team needed for party tent construction. 

Marquee Hire:

Hire Clearspan Marquees - image by Виктор Большаков [CC BY-SA 4.0 
)], from Wikimedia Commons

Clearspan Marquee Hire

Clearspan Marquees offer versatile internal layouts


What is a Clearspan Marquee?
Clearspan marquees are one of the most flexible solutions for your temporary structural requirements. Clearspan marquees comprise an aluminium frame which is then concealed with a PVC cover. Clearspan marquees offer a versatile and an attractive marquee design for any type of event.

What is the difference between Clearspan marquees and traditional marquees?
Clearspan marquees differ from traditional marquees as they are constructed using a modern aluminium frame which is covered using a PVC material. The modern clearspan frame is sufficient and stable without being reliant on additional support poles or other such infrastructure, allowing the space within to be utilised to its full capacity. The spacious environment of our clearspan marquees is perfect for festivals and events alike due to their all-season capacity, durability and functionality.
We offer a range of clearspan marquees to ensure your festival needs can be accommodated. The highly adaptable nature of our Clearspan marquees are suited to a variety of internal layouts which includes different floor systems to ensure level surfaces making it possible to install interior furnishings.
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dance tent: By Secretlondon [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5 
)], from Wikimedia Commons

Dance Tent Hire

All-year-round Dance Tents


No festival is complete without a dance tent! We understand the need for your audience to retain shelter without feeling enclosed so we offer a variety of unique and elegant dance tents perfect for large scale festivals or more intimate settings. We offer a selection of different Dance tents.

Our dance tents, subsequent to their flexible design can work within various different environments, creating a unique style perfect for your festival. Stretch tents are known for their practicality, subsequent to being more versatile than traditional marquees. Our dance tents are suitable for all-year-round use subsequent to their robust nature making them wind and rain durable. Although open-style dance tents are historically popular within the festival scene we do offer enclosed dance tent options which may be suitable for smaller, more personal events.
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Dome Marquee Rigging - Harper Adams University, 2018

Dome Marquee Hire

Dome Marquees are versatile, robust & different


What is a Dome Marquee?
If you’re looking for something different, hire dome marquees. Domes, also known as ‘dome marquees’ are a unique take on the traditional marquee design. Dome marquees have a unique structure and intricate framework making them one of the most popular marquee designs in the industry.

The benefits of Dome Marquees
Dome Marquees are versatile, robust yet attractive which makes them ideal for any festival or event where both aesthetics and functionality is essential. Dome marquees versatility doesn’t stop at their unique dome-shape; they can also be added onto larger structures to create separate spacing within one structure, perfect for sectioning off bars or VIP areas.
We offer a variety of different dome marquees, ranging from single single marquees to double dome marquees. We understand that getting the right aesthetic for your festival whilst retaining purpose and function is important to ensure your festival atmosphere is as great as you envisage. Our dome marquees come in a variety of different styles to ensure you’ll find the right one for your special event.
Find out more about hiring dome marquees.

Sqaure Marquees - By [CC BY-SA 3.0 
)], from Wikimedia Commons

Pagoda Marquee Hire

Pagoda Marquees are quirky square marquees with an eye-catching high peaked roof


What is a Pagoda Marquee?
Pagoda Marquees are a small square shaped marquee with a high peaked roof. Pagoda Marquees add a visual impact and create an atmosphere of intimacy. The quirky aesthetic of Pagoda Marquees makes them the perfect marquee for more intimate settings, such as VIP areas.

The benefits of Pagoda Marquees
The peaked roof of Pagoda Marquees not only employees visual impact but also enables hanging interiors within the tend to add an extra dimension to the interior design. Pagoda Marquees are also suitable trade stands for exhibitions and shows subsequent to easy and time efficient installation. Once installed Pagoda Marquees are equally easy to take down, enabling your crew to get off swiftly after the event has closed.
Find out more about hiring a Pagoda Marquee.

Pole tents - image By Split the Kipper (Flickr: bestival 2010-44) [CC BY 2.0 
)], via Wikimedia Commons

Pole Tent Hire

Pole Tents are naturally light and spacious due to their high ceilings


What is a pole tent?
A pole tent comprises a roof canopy supported by king poles (tall central poles) and “side poles” (smaller supporting poles). The king poles are tensioned using side lines connected to ground pins / stakes and support the bulk of the weight of the pole tent. The side poles give the fabric shape. Pole tents are best suited to grass environments.

Our traditional pole tents are available with or without additional flooring however we recommend choosing between a selection of boarded, matted of carpet flooring. Our pole tents are inherently popular due to being available in a wide selection of shapes and styles
Traditional pole tents are naturally light and spacious due to their high ceilings. Many of our traditional pole tent styles also offer the option to open up the wall space to create doorways which double up as great ventilation. Once the foundation and traditional pole tent has been constructed you can choose whatever décor suitable for your festival or event.
Find out more about hiring a pole tent.

Traditional Marquee Hire

Traditional Marquees are ideal for uneven ground and difficult sites


Why hire a Traditional Marquee?
The attraction of hiring traditional marquees over more modern marquees lies with their capabilities of coping with uneven ground and difficult sites. Traditional marquees are made from fire retardant natural canvas, which is breathable and therefore ideal for flower and agricultural shows.

The attraction of hiring traditional marquees over more modern marquees lies with their capabilities of coping with uneven ground and difficult sites. Traditional marquees are made from fire retardant natural canvas, which is breathable and therefore ideal for flower and agricultural shows. Our traditional marquees have an iconic aesthetic which can add to the vibrancy and excitement surrounding your festival or event.
Our traditional marquees come in a range of different sizes making them an attractive option. Traditional marquees allow for diverse interior arrangements which can either be organised through specialists or designed uniquely to your own specific taste. Traditional marquees have an iconic aesthetic which can add to the vibrancy and excitement surrounding your festival or event.
Find out more about hiring traditional marquees.

Party Marquees to Hire

Hire Party Tents

Different themed party tents
Transport guests into another world
Offer a range of furniture to complete the look

Our Party Tents provide beautiful and atmospheric interiors that transport guests into another world. The collection of themed party tents include Alice in Wonderland, Arabian, Bollywood, English Tea Party, The Last days of the Raj, William Morris (floral) and Purple Palace themes. Our themed party tents transform the party experience by creating a truly magical and out of this world atmosphere leaving your guests with lasting and treasured memories. 
As well as the party tent, a range of furniture such as dining chairs, dining tables, dance floors, bars and staging is offered to complete the look. We also offer lounge furniture such a sofas, coffee tables, rugs and poufs for those looking to host a more relaxed event. These party tents provide magical environments which are perfect for weddings, corporate parties and festivals.
Our Indian Party tents provide a unique alternative to a white, plastic mass-produced marquees and combine traditional, colourful designs with modern waterproof fabrics to produce party tents that are authentic, beautiful, and fully equipped to cope with the British climate. The Jaigarth marquee is a 12 sided 20 diameter Indian tent. The interiors of both the Mahrani and the Jaigarth have been printed using hand carved wooden blocks. We can also provide low-level tables, Indian centre lights, heaters and a range of traditional Indian textiles to decorate any internal space or structure.
For those hosting music or sound entertainment we offer Bedouin tents which are curved and made from special fabrics that don’t dampen the acoustic experience. We supply a range of tent sizes suitable for large weddings and events, down to more intimate occasions in your back garden. Whatever your event we have a party tent for you.

Hire Yurts

Beautiful alternatives to marquees
Can accommodate up to 2,000 people
Versatility to create rooms for a variety of uses

A Yurt (from the Turkic languages) is a portable, domed, round tent made of wood. Traditionally Yurts were used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia and were covered with skins or felt.
Yurts provide a practical and beautiful alternatives to marquees. All Yurts can be erected without any posts in the ground providing a valuable solution on hard or delicate surfaces. Fully waterproof, and warm on chilly evenings, the versatile Yurts’ design also allows the cap to be removed and the walls to be opened. Made from oiled English oak, chestnut and ash the Yurt ‘s slatted wooden ceiling create a warm and friendly atmosphere. The Yurt ‘s wooden trellis walls will leave you feeling safe and secure from the inside while the waxed cotton canvas emanates a welcoming glow.
The Grand Pavilion Yurt is a unique and beautiful onion-domed pavilion yurt made from a range of oiled hard woods. An elegant blend of global architecture and cultures, the versatile The Grand Pavilion Yurt can adapt to accommodate between 100 and 2,000 people. Consisting of around four tons of ash wood and waxed cotton canvas, this is the largest Yurt in the world. The main area of the Yurt can span either 30 or 60 feet in diameter, with the peak of the roof soaring 25 feet from the ground. Yurts with large doorways can radiate from the walls of the main structure to create rooms for a variety of uses, such as for catering, bars, chill-out rooms, or simply as an extension to the central function area.
With the ability to accommodate from 30 to in excess of 2,000 people, Yurts are ideal for a variety of uses from intimate dinners to weddings or festivals.

Hire Marquees

Luxury white marquees
Excellence in both tents and service
Top choice of the top wedding planners

We provide luxury white marquees which are locally produced in the UK. Our marquees are made from the finest white canvas which is both water and fire-proof. These unique marquees are as stunning inside as they are out. The dramatic pyramid top creates a luxurious vaulted ceiling providing the ultimate light and airy wedding venue. Our white marquees are loved and used by some of the worlds most highly regarded wedding planners subsequent to their flexible yet robust nature.

Marquee hire tips

Don’t be late – we offer marquee hire through all four seasons however the summer months tend to get booked out early. If you’re planning a summer party we suggest getting in touch with us as soon as you know the dates you need our marquee hire service.

Size matters – be sure to tell your provider how many people will be attending your event. You may have some idea on the specific marquee size you want to hire however checking with a specialist will prevent any unwanted mistakes and ensure you hire the marquee best suited to your event. 

Go extra – hiring a marquee is all fun and games but your party or event won’t truly come alive unless some attention is paid to the interiors too. We suggest working with a theme, we offer themed marquee hire packages ideal for any out of this world event.

Quality control – no one likes and old, dated and ultimately unsafe marquees. Be sure to do your background research before investing in a marquee hire service. We suggest only hiring from a company with in-depth knowledge and plentiful experience. At Contraband Crew we only employee high calibre individuals and materials.