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  • Market leaders for providing exceptional conference staff
  • Staff have a minimum of two years experience
  • Stress-free guarantee

Organising a conference and need to hire conference staff? Or planing a Trade show? We understand that organising and hosting a conference or trade show is a big deal and we’re here to help! From greeting your guests, to running the conference behind the scenes we can perfect the most minor details to ensure you have a stress-free experience. Our high caliber conference staff and trade show staff for hire are sure to impress and deliver the most professional service – each of our conference staff have a minimum of two-years industry experience and there isn’t anything we cannot do!

We pride ourselves on exceptional service and highly trained conference staff – we promise you won’t be disappointed. Our conference staff include outgoing:

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The Best Conference and Exhibition staff for Hire!

Contraband Crew’s conference staff for hire, provide a very high standard of service for your event.

Hire Conference Staff:

The Best Promotional Models for Hire!

Hire Conference Registration Staff

Professional and approachable conference registration staff.
They will ensure everything runs smoothly as soon as the guests walk through the door.
Have the confidence and skill to deal with large crowds.

Our experienced conference registration staff will make sure your event is a stress-free experience for everyone. Taking care of the attendees as soon as they arrive, they will get them signed in efficiently and in an organised manner, maintaining a high level of professionalism all the while. If you hire conference registration staff your conference will go seamlessly with our qualified teams, their friendly attitudes and proficient style makes the whole registration process run like clockwork.
Contraband Crew’s conference registration staff understand the importance of presentation and will be dressed professionally in order to represent your conference in a good light. They are trained to excel in even the most stressful situations and can be relied upon to get everyone signed in quickly, leaving plenty of time for everyone to be seated before the conference starts.
If you are looking to hire conference registration staff we would be delighted to help, we can provide you with the team you need for the perfect event, just get in touch today!

The Best Event Managers for Hire!

Hire Conference Meet & Greet Staff

Our warm and friendly Conference meet & greet staff will give a fantastic first impression.
Contraband Crew prides itself on being informed and communicative from start to finish.
All our meet & greet staff are well-spoken and charismatic.

If you want to ensure your guests have the perfect introduction to your event, you can hire conference meet & greet staff with Contraband Crew. Our dynamic range of conference meet & greet staff are dedicated and outgoing personalities who will greet your guests with a smile and enthusiasm. We ensure that if you hire meet & greet staff with us, your guests will feel welcome and informed as soon as they arrive.
We maintain high standards with our conference meet & greet staff, making sure they are well-presented and knowledgeable, so they can answer any questions confidently and correctly. At Contraband Crew we train our conference meet & greet staff to represent any event with a professional and proactive work ethic, delivering a top-quality service to be proud of.
Hiring conference meet & greet staff is a great decision to guarantee your corporate event runs like a dream, contact us if you would like to find out more.

The Best Hosts and Hostesses for Hire!

Hire Conference Hosts and Hostesses

Sociable conference hosts and hostesses who will keep guests informed.
These confident multitaskers will keep everything running smoothly.
A conference host or hostess is a helpful point of contact for all the attendees.

If you choose to hire conference hosts or hostesses you are getting a first-class service for all your guests. Contraband Crew have a wealth of experienced and charismatic conference hosts and hostesses that will engage with the attendees, giving them directions to their seat or answering any questions they might have.
You can hire conference hosts and hostesses to undertake a whole range of responsibilities, from serving refreshments to collecting data on the proceedings, all the while maintaining a sense of calm professionalism. Appearance and presentation is a key factor of a great conference host or hostess and we ensure our staff are dressed in a suitable manner for your conference.
Get in touch with Contraband Crew to hire conference hosts and hostesses, we have a brilliant reputation for providing qualified and hard-working staff that make your conference run perfectly.