Hire Event Security

  • SIA trained event security staff
  • Pre-planning and venue assessment beforehand
  • Stress-free and seamless experience guaranteed

Event Security Hire Service: when it comes to event security, here at Contraband we take the safety of you and your guests very seriously. Not only do we provide exceptional SIA (Security Industry Authority) trained event security staff, for hire, but we always asses the venue and pre-plan every little detail to ensure you have a stress-free experience and can focus on your guests.

Our key Event Security Services are:

We allow no room for error, at Contraband Crew we create only the most seamless affairs – our event security hire service also includes, but is not limited to: Manned doors, perimeter monitoring, car park management, FOH security, mobile security patrol, private bodyguards, emergency planning procedure, evacuation mapping and CCTV surveillance.

The Best Event Security for Hire!

Our event security teams for hire ensure you have a stress-free experience


Hire VIP Security

Experienced and professional VIP security
Contraband Crew deliver a service tailored entirely to your needs
All our VIP security staff are SIA qualified

We have a fully qualified range of VIP security professionals to hire that will ensure the VIP feels safe and protected in every environment. All our VIP security are reliable, trusted figures who understand the need for discretion. Contraband Crew train our VIP security to deal with any incident with a collected and calm disposition, using their strength, authority, and intelligence to keep everything running smoothly.
You can hire VIP security for a wide range of events, they will be respectful of the celebrity or VIP that they are protecting and carry out their task with the utmost professionalism. The need for our client’s privacy and safety is our top priority and we can be depended upon to deliver a high-quality VIP security service that is customised to suit your requirements. You can be sure that our VIP security personnel have extensive experience and the necessary qualifications to provide exceptional security to the best possible standard.
To find out more about our Event Security services or hire VIP security for your event, just give us a call and we can help you with any questions or enquiries.
Contact us today to hire VIP security staff.

Hire Security Stewards

Authoritative and composed security stewards experienced at managing large crowds.
Keep everything controlled and running smoothly.
Contraband Crew ensure all security stewards are trained to a high standard.

For a secure and safe event that will go off without a hitch, hire security stewards with Contraband Crew. Our expertly qualified security stewards work hard to help make everything run seamlessly, taking care of all the attendees in a professional and courteous manner. We know the necessity of keeping an event under control, so everyone can enjoy themselves in a stress-free, safe environment. Hiring security stewards for crowd control, customer service or entrance and exit management will ensure your event is organised and safe.
Our teams of security stewards consist of proactive, intuitive individuals who are trained to deal with a wide variety of situations that may arise during an event, you can be sure your guests will be in safe hands if you hire security stewards through Contraband Crew.
Give us a call for more information on hiring security stewards or event security staff and we would be happy to assist you with making your event a true success.
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Hire Close Protection Bodyguards

Reliable and trustworthy close protection bodyguards
Extensive experience and training
Our close protection bodyguards are fully qualified and capable

The right to privacy and security is essential and here at Contraband Crew we are dedicated to helping people feel safe and secure in any environment. Our close protection bodyguards available for hire are the highest calibre professionals who have comprehensive experienced providing bodyguard security for a wide variety of situations and individuals.
All our close protection bodyguards are SIA qualified and have undergone training to help them achieve the high quality of security that they provide. Whatever situation may arise, close protection bodyguards will guard their client with a sense of calm and composure, escorting them safely through any crowds or unstable environments.
If you would like to hire close protection bodyguards just get in touch, we can supply some intuitive and skilled bodyguards who have a detailed insight into the necessities of security. Our close protection bodyguards will give you an exceptional security experience and keep focused throughout their task.
Contact us today to hire close protection bodyguards.

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Why Hire Event Security for a Large Event?

When there is a high volume of people at an event it is important to keep everyone feeling safe and secure. Event security can provide access control to ensure only the intended guests enter the event while also carrying out the essential checks desired for the occasion. These may include bag checks, checking ID, carry out pat downs if necessary and operating metal detectors. In addition, event security can help diffuse any escalating situations or violent behaviour and remove guests if it is required.

Event security are adept at handling large crowds, they can help to keep everything in order and give people directions when required. With event security you can make sure people stay in the intended areas at your event whilst managing the flow of the crowds in a calm and organised fashion.

To ensure all guests park in the designated area, event security can help to oversee the flow of traffic while directing them to a space to park safely. This will ensure that everyone will find a spot that they can access easily and have the added comfort of knowing the cars will be supervised by event security throughout the event.

If there are any problems or incidents that require intervention from the authorities, event security will serve as the point of contact who call the emergency services and help to control the situation until they arrive.

5 Top Tips On Hiring Event Security

Don’t leave hiring event security to the last minute. Event security are understandably in high demand and you don’t want to be running around trying to secure adequate security for your event. We recommend contracting your event security team at least one month before your event… the earlier the better!

There are numerous different event security specialists such as VIP security and security stewards. Your event may require a diverse range of event security. We recommend considering the full range of event security staff that may be required for your event at least a month prior to your event date. This ensures all aspects of your event will be kept thoroughly co-ordinated and above all safe.

The capabilities and prior training and experience of your event security has a fundamental role in the overall success of your event. We suggest conducting a thorough research regarding the qualifications and experience of the event security you’re considering to hire for your event. At Contraband crew all of our event staff are SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved and capable of providing a secure environment even in the most challenging scenarios.

Your choice of venue and audience, whether is be small scale, large scale, indoors or outdoors will alter the demand on security staff required. We recommend you taking into account the number and nature of entrance and exit points that will have to be manned by event security staff. If you have a VIP section or audience members with other.

The number of event security staff to audience members is one consideration frequently miscalculated or poorly considered. The consequences of not hiring an adequate event security team can be treacherous and pose risk to both the audience and event staff. Being frugal when it comes to hiring event security staff will not only put a strain on other staff members but it will also negate to the positive experience of your audience. At Contraband crew we are more than happy to advise you on the suitable number of event security staff at your event so don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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