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  • Staff have a minimum of two years experience
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Looking to hire exhibition staff? Our expert exhibition staff available for hire are dedicated workers who have the professionalism and knowledge to ensure your exhibition runs like a dream. With years of experience and a passion for customer service, our exhibition staff are proactive and friendly, whether it’s greeting your guests, getting them signed in or helping out with various duties around the event, our exhibition staff will make an excellent impression on all the attendees. We know the importance of giving your guests a positive experience in all areas and our exhibition staff thrive on creating a welcoming and hospitable environment, so the attendees will enjoy their time at the event while feeling informed and relaxed.

Our exhibition staff include, outgoing:

Exhibition Staff Hire: we pride ourselves on exceptional service and highly trained exhibition staff – we promise you wont be disappointed with our exhibition meet & greet and registration staff.

Hire Exhibition staff from Contraband Crew

Contraband Crew’s exhibition staff for hire provide a very high standard of service for your exhibition.

Hire Exhibition Staff:

hire exhibition hostesses

Hire Exhibition Hosts and Hostesses

Our fantastic exhibition hosts and hostesses are approachable and engaging.
Relay necessary information in a straightforward and polite manner.
Contraband Crew select only the best for your event.

To create a helpful and enjoyable environment for your guests you can hire exhibition hosts and hostesses with us! We are enthusiastic about providing top-quality service with experienced and proactive exhibition hosts and hostesses who really know the business and aim to please. Here at Contraband Crew we only put forward people who are sure to impress, whether it’s conversing with guests, offering up advice or giving directions, our exhibition hosts and hostesses will engage with the attendees so they can get the best out of their experience.
You can hire exhibition hosts and hostesses with us who are reliable and smart, using initiative and confidence in any situation that might arise to deliver a dependable service. We understand the necessity for an immaculate impression and make sure our exhibition hosts and hostesses are dressed smartly and suitably for every occasion.
For a welcoming atmosphere and proactive, confident staff just get in touch. We would be delighted to help you hire exhibition hosts and hostesses for an outstanding exhibition.

The Best Event Managers for Hire!

Hire Exhibition Registration Staff

Efficient and experienced exhibition registration staff who provide excellent customer service
Contraband Crew are passionate about making a great impression straight from the start.
Will be confident and organised to reflect your company well.

When it comes to hiring exhibition registration staff we know that you need people you can rely upon to provide a competent and quick service. The importance of registering your guests in a friendly, clear manner is a priority of Contraband Crew and we understand the desire to put your best foot forward as soon as your guests arrive. Our exhibition registration staff are trained to undertake their tasks in a calm, polite manner, whether it is getting attendees signed in, informing them of the agenda or just pointing people in the right direction.
Hire exhibition registration staff to take care of all the introductory duties, these qualified personnel have great experience and training that allows them to professionally deal with any questions that may arise.
Just give us a call if you would like to hire exhibition registration staff for your event, we will work with you to meet your requirements and make sure you have the perfect team for an exceptional exhibition.

hire exhibition meet and greet

Hire Exhibition Meet & Greet Staff

Our exhibition meet & greet staff make a sparkling first impression.
Welcoming and warm personalities to greet your guests enthusiastically.
Contraband Crew carefully handpick their staff to ensure top quality service.

If you’re looking to give your guests a warm welcome, then hire exhibition meet & greet staff with us. These proactive and friendly individuals are passionate about providing fantastic service, they aim to make sure your exhibition is a comfortable environment for all your guests. Contraband Crew have a diverse range of brilliant exhibition meet & greet staff who we have trained to engage and inform the exhibition attendees.
If you hire meet & greet staff for your exhibition they will be knowledgeable about the agenda and particulars of your exhibition and able to give any directions, advice, or information required in a clear and amicable way. Our meet & greet staff are always well-presented and professional, greeting newcomers with a smile.
Hire meet & greet staff with Contraband Crew for an inviting and informative introduction at your exhibition, just get in touch and we would be delighted to help.