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  • Make festival season a success with us
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Make festival season a success with Contraband Crew. From flyering to event management, and everything in-between, we guarantee to have the best festival staff for hire which will make your event a success. Festival season is the most exciting time of the year, and we want to be with you every step of the way to make sure yours is one to remember. We cover every aspect of festival staffing, from planning the event to cleaning up the aftermath!

Our key festival staff hire Service covers:

Need help setting up your festival? Check out our Technical Festival Crew, marquee riggers and AV & Production technicians for hire who can help create the perfect festival event for you.

Hire Festival staff from Contraband Crew's Festival Team

We have provided festival staff for numerous prestigious festivals including:

  • Love box
  • Glastonbury
  • Global Gathering
  • London Fashion Week
  • Party in The Park
  • T in the Park
  • V Festival


festival bar staff

Hire Festival Bar Staff

Friendly, relatable and attentive.
Professional bar staff from the start.
Confidently navigate customers

Contraband Crew are well established within the festival scene and understand the calibre of festival bar staff required to keep the drinks flowing amongst the festival chaos. The friendly and fun yet professional nature of the Contraband Crew festival bar staff make them the perfect candidates for the job.
Our festival bar staff share many of the responsibilities associated with bar tending however due to the heightened and vibrant festival atmosphere it is of critical importance that our bar staff can engage with customers and provide a swift, efficient service. Being at the centre of the show certainly isn’t something that will faze our festival bar staff, our team members embrace the festival buzz, helping to make the festival experience unforgettable whilst keeping their feet on the ground, ensuring a safe and seasoned service is delivered.
Frequently festival bars are located centrally, close to the main stages, meaning our staff at the heart of the immersive, festival atmosphere. It is the job of the festival bar staff to ensure drinks are poured, delivered and enjoyed by the customers within quick succession. Not only will our festival bar staff be pulling pints but they’ll be working hard to ensure everything runs smoothly by keeping taps topped up and cleaning the designated area.
Experience is important to us at Contraband Crew as we understand the the festival scene is wholly unique and cannot be directly compared to bar service in restaurants or city bars. We endeavour to appropriately train and educate our festival bar staff with all the information and skills required to provide the best possible service. Deciding to hire our festival bar staff is the best decision you could make. We pride ourselves on our service and have previously enjoyed working with a multitude of valuable customers within the field such as Love Box, Glastonbury, London Fashion Week, Party in the Park, T in the Park, V festival and more.
Making your festival a success is of primary importance to us. To hire our festival bar staff or make further enquiries about other festival staff please don’t hesitate to call us and speak to one of our team members directly. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry by e-mail.

festival cleaning services

Hire Festival Cleaning Services

Dynamic, flexible and reliable.
Equipped to handle festival cleaning challenges.
A Festival cleaning crew you can count on.

The festival cleaning crew are fundamental to the smooth running of your festival and the importance of choosing the right festival cleaning service should not be undermined. Contraband Crew has a wealth of experience, working at a variety of different festivals including Glastonbury and V-festival so we understand the skill-set required from a festival cleaning crew.
The most successful festivals are created by the hard-working, dedicated staff on the floor who make sure every detail goes to plan. Ensuring your festival has adequate hygiene standards keeps the vibrant festival buzz going all through the day and night.
We put our success down to our in-depth industry knowledge and ability to determine the most suitable festival cleaning crew for the job. We understand that festival cleaning services require a multidisciplinary approach subsequent to the diverse demands from the festival facilities ranging from stages to toilets, all of which need to be kept as clean as possible.
Contraband Crew doesn’t exclusively work with large scale festivals and we have worked on various smaller scale projects with a lesser requirement for diversity in staff. Due to this breadth of experience we are able to assess the scale of the task and provide you with the best festival cleaning staff for the job and ensure they have access to the necessary equipment and products required.
Our festival cleaning staff are all chosen and assessed by Contraband Crew and we make sure that all our crew members are well equipped and experienced for the job. Our festival cleaning staff are not only competent in required skills but at Contraband Crew we consider the whole and ensure our festival cleaning staff are as passionate about high quality cleaning as we are.
We want your festival to be a success just as much as you do. To hire our festival cleaning services you can contact us via e-mail or give us a call.

hire festival stewards

Hire Festival Stewards

Natural leaders with years of experience.
Vibrant and uplifting nature.
Working around the clock.

The role of a festival steward is to ensure that the festival audience feels safe and assisted at all times, making their experience truly unforgettable. Festival stewards are very much the friendly face of the concert and are the primary contact for the festival goers if a problem or question is to arise.
Festival stewards are involved with many of the roles associated with communicating with, and caring for the public. Contraband crew understand the importance of hiring social, reliable and friendly festival stewards and we carefully select our employees giving us full confidence in their abilities to manoeuvre any situation that may arise.
The role of festival stewards can be quite diverse. Some stewards will work closely with the front of house manager and appropriate team members to help set up before the audience arrives. On the audience’s arrival our stewards will check tickets, welcome them to the festival and usher them in the right direction. The festival stewards, as the first point of contact with the public will assist them with any needs.
All the Contraband Crew festival stewards have excellent interpersonal skills enabling them to deal with all personalities. Our team members are flexible, pro-active and dedicated to the job at hand. Our devoted, friendly and conscientious team of festival stewards will help to make your festival the greatest success.
To hire a team of our charismatic and committed festival stewards gives us a call or contact us via e-mail today.

hire festival security

Hire Festival Security

Security that cares for the welfare of your audience.
Capable, experienced and trustworthy.
Security Industry Authority trained and recognised.

Contraband Crew festival security are SIA (Security Industry Authority) trained and are well experienced in the field. When you hire our festival security crew we will deliver a professional and trustworthy service around the clock, ensuring your festival runs effortlessly.
The role of festival security staff includes working at all entry points to ensure only ticketholders enter your festival whilst filtering out any troublesome customers that may dampen the experience of others. Inside the festival gates our festival security team will work tirelessly to control crowds and ensure any customer service points are safe and under control.
Contraband Crew only employ highly experienced and appropriately trained festival security staff that are well equipped to calmly deal with and resolve any scenarios that may arise. You can be sure that if you hire our festival security staff your audience will be in safe hands throughout the entirety of the festival.
All Contraband Crew festival security staff are highly conscientious individuals that are able to work flexibly to suit the demands of your festival. We understand that although the security of the festival goers must be the primary priority our festival security team retain an approachable manner and are subsequently respected by and listened to by the crowds.
The security and wellbeing of your audience is as important to us at Contraband Crew as it is to you. To hire our festival security team give us a call or you make an enquiry via e-mail.

The Best Hosts and Hostesses for Hire!

Hire Festival VIP Hostesses

Professional, attentive and discreet.
Educated and appropriately qualified.
Create a truly spectacular VIP experience.

Festival VIP hostesses have an important role in ensuring the VIP audience are attended to at all times and have the best possible service around the clock. The main roles of festival VIP hostesses will be to wait on the VIP guests, ensuring their drinks are topped up and any questions or problems are swiftly resolved.
At Contraband Crew we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in VIP hostess services. We understand the need for our hostesses to have a diverse skill set and be appropriately qualified for the role at hand. Our festival VIP hostesses are always well experienced within the hosting industry enabling them to professionally handle any task thrown their way.
Festival VIP hostesses must not only deliver their service professionally but they must look the part too. At Contraband Crew we understand that ensuring your staff look polished is just as important as the service being delivered. Our staff take pride in their appearance and strive to look their best whilst delivering a first class service to the VIP guests.
If your guests are dining with us at the festival our festival VIP hostesses will take charge of welcoming the guests to the table, taking them through the food and drinks menu and waiting on any of the guests needs that may arise. Whether the guests are dining or gathering in a less formal setting our festival VIP hostesses will ensure the surrounding environment is kept organised and clean.
If you want to hire our established VIP festival hostess service, you can get in touch with us by calling our office or you can make a request via e-mail today.

festival face painters

Hire Festival Entertainment

Exciting and unforgettable entertainment.
Extensive network of entertainers for any festival genre.
Entertainment to wow your audience.

Getting the best festival entertainment, whether it be your headline act or supporting artists and entertainers is of critical importance to the success of your festival. Choosing the right entertainment and events agency to source your festival entertainment can be a laborious task however Contraband Entertainment, a leading London agency, have an impressive cliental and network of artists and entertainers all under one roof, making selecting your festival entertainment an easy, stress free process.
Choosing the right festival entertainment could not be of greater importance. The entertainment and acts delivered throughout the festival entices people in and the delivery of the chosen festival entertainment is essential to create positive and lasting memories for your audience.
Getting the right festival entertainment can be a challenging prospect especially when trying to cater for diversity within your audience. Contraband Entertainment agency makes the booking experience less daunting subsequent to catering for various entertainment specialities such as music artists, comedians, DJ’s, speakers, celebrities and famous Chef’s and Bakers.
We are able to make contacts with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Justin Bieber, Rita Ora and Bastille. However, if you’re looking for up and coming artists Contraband Crew have plenty of new talent coming through and able to cater for any festival entertainment preferences.
Contraband Entertainment will help take your festival entertainment to the next level. To hire acts using Contraband Entertainment check out our entertainment roster.