Hire Promotional Staff

  • Exceptional promotional staff to cater for any event
  • Intensive screening process to ensure the most professional staff
  • Collaborations with some of the biggest brands worldwide
  • Over 10 years of industry experience
  • Around the clock support

Looking to hire promotional staff? Here at Contraband Crew we have over a decade of experience in providing the best Promotional staff in the industry and working alongside some of the world’s biggest brands. We pride ourselves on providing only the brightest, professional and reliable Promotional staff to create an unforgettable event.

Our Promotional staff hire division covers; Promotional Models, Event Managers, Exhibition Staff, Brand Ambassadors, Data Capture staff, Flyering Staff & Leaflet Distributors, Product Demonstrators, Campaign Actors and Actresses, Hosts and Hostesses, Street Teams and Mystery Shoppers – there really is nothing we can’t do! Our intensive screening process enables us to be confident that our Promotional staff aren’t only qualified, but will be sure to exceed your expectations and understand your vision.

If you have an event which you think needs something a little different, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts who will provide you the best Promotional staff available for hire.

The Best promotional staff for Hire!

Why hire promotional staff?

Our promotional staff are dedicated to promoting your event in a multitude of different ways. Our promotional staff will represent your brand, product, service, experience or business in a professional, friendly manner. Our promotional staff are dedicated to providing the best possible event experience and educating your audience where necessary.

At Contraband crew we can provide a host of promotional staff ranging from promotional models, through brand ambassadors to event managers. No matter the role you need, our promotional staff will be here to assist you.

Hire Promotional Staff:

The Best Promotional Models for Hire!

Hire Promotional Models

* Enthusiastic and engaging promotional models!
* Male and female promotional models packed with personality

Hire our professional, experienced promotional models to provide the perfect atmosphere and add character to any function. Our promotional models are guaranteed to deliver the ultimate results for your promotion, event or exhibition. At Contraband Crew, we take pride in understanding our clients and are certain to exceed your expectations, and offer a truly unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.
We carefully select our promotional models and only have the most talented, reliable and intelligent staff. Contraband Crew can provide promo models for anything from a small launch party to international sporting events – we’re confident we can provide the finest promotional models for the job, and make sure your event is one to be remembered.
Hire promotional models with Contraband Crew today to kick start your event.

The Best Event Managers for Hire!

Hire Event Managers

* Experienced and professional event managers
* Event Managers who offer additional creative direction and planning service
* Event Managers who offer around the clock support

Is it your first time creating an event, or do you need that helping hand from some of the most experienced managers in the industry? Then hire on of our elite team of event managers who will take the pressure off, and ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. Not only do we provide exceptional event managers, but we offer the most unique and creative ideas to build on your initial concept.
We work closely with our clients to understand your vision, and we know the ways in which to communicate it in the best way possible from brief to delivery. Contraband are passionate in understanding your goals, and we can provide only the best and well-versed event manager to ensure your event is a success! It’s what we do.
Contact us today to hire an event manager with Contraband Crew and build your vision stress-free.

hire brand ambassadors

Hire Brand Ambassadors

* Brand ambassadors who have influential voices to shout about your brand!
* Our brand ambassadors are guaranteed to boost sales and increase brand awareness

Brand Ambassadors are an integral tool for any business, no matter how big or small. Our brand ambassadors intensely to discover the most appropriate ways to promote your product or service. And our dedicated brand ambassadors enhance market opportunity and deliver the most positive results whilst creating a buzz around your brand! At Contraband we love helping you develop your brand awareness, and what we love even more is seeing the results rocket.
Whether your target is to generate leads, boost sales or simply establish yourselves in the ever-competitive market.
Hire brand ambassadors with us today to start seeing some serious results!

hire street teams

Hire Street Teams

* Our Street Teams turn heads and create a buzz around your brand
* Street Teams who will put on a show to pull in the crowds
* Street Teams who will create memorable campaigns that resonate with potential customers

Make people stop, look, and listen with high-energy and thoroughly engaging street teams. Attract the attention of potential customers with anything from a solo performer representing your brand, to a large-scale flash-mob that will stop people in their paces. Our street teams are sure to earn audience engagement and we relieve the pressure by creating your next PR trick from start to finish.
In marketing, a street team is a term used to describe a group of brand ambassadors who ‘hit the streets’ to promote an event, product or brand.
What are the benefits of using street teams? In this current age of digital marketing bombardment, it is hard for some brands to cut through this clutter and show value to consumers. Street teams utilise the power of human engagement and interact directly with consumers to get them excited about your brand and connect with it on a more personal level. Street teams are a way to bring products and brands to life. Consumers get the opportunity to interact directly with products and services via streat teams, and their questions can be answered by street team brand ambassadors.
Why hire street teams? In today’s digital times, building a personal connection with consumers goes a long way towards fulfilling your brand’s goals. The personal interaction a person may feel from the interaction of a street team brand ambassador gives that person a much more intimate experience with your brand.
Top tip – The best time to utilise street teams is when you know a lot of people will be present — usually during the warmer months or holiday periods — so there will be a greater chance of there being someone in the crowd who will be interested in interacting with your street teams.
Why hire a street team through us? We work closely with you from brief to completion to make sure that both your street campaign and our street teams are tailored to your exact requirements, and clarify goals, rules, and procedures from the get-go.
Contact Contraband Crew to hire street teams with us!

The Best Data Capture staff for Hire!

Hire Data Capture Staff

* Our Data Capture Staff retrieve essential data.
* Data Capture Staff can run competitions, conduct surveys and market research
* Data Capture Staff are a useful marketing tool for outreach

Here at Contraband we know data capture can be lengthy and tedious, it’s something few people know how to conduct to get the best results. Luckily, we’re here to help – our specialist data collectors understand your demographic and know the best techniques to implement in order to collect the most useful data.
Whether you’re running a promotional competition, conducting a survey, require feedback on an already existing product or just simple market research – we provide the most experienced data collection staff who can be sure to gather genuine and organic data that’s vital to business growth.
Why hire Data capture staff?
Hiring data capture staff is an effective way of procuring data for market research purposes. The valuable market intelligence that the data capture staff gathers, allows you to formulate effective strategies for your: brand, existing products or for the launch of new products.
Hire data capture staff from Contraband Crew today to ensure you’re not missing any data!

The Best Flyering Staff & Leaflet Distributors staff for Hire!

Hire Flyering Staff & Leaflet Distributors

* Get your promotional material into the right hands with our Leaflet Distributors
* Our Flyering Staff & Leaflet Distributors know the hot-spots for your demographic
* Leaflet Distributors can boost brand awareness and recognition

Reach your target audience today with Contraband Crew. No campaign is too much for us, we only hire the most hard-working and reliable Flyering Staff & Leaflet Distributors to make sure your promotional material ends up in the right hands. From the initial brief we work closely with you to understand your objectives, and formulate a fail-safe plan to get your material from print to sale quickly and efficiently. Our expert Flyering Staff & Leaflet Distributors know the public hot-spots and know exactly how to target your desired demographic.
What is the difference between a flyer and a leaflet?
The difference between a leaflet and flyer is a highly contended debate and the two terms are frequently used interchangeably. However, it is possible to draw subtle differences between leaflets and flyers. Flyers are in general either A4 or A5 documents and used for event announcements or advertising. Leaflets on the other hand tend to offer in-depth information that is spread over multiple pages.
Our staff have effectively distributed leaflets & flyers in town & shopping centres, trade shows, at exhibitions, concerts… indeed anywhere where a client has wished and with outstanding feedback from our clients.
Our friendly and approachable Flyer distribution staff & Leaflet distribution staff provide a stress-free service and you can rest assured that we’re working hard out on the streets creating hype around your brand.
Contact us today to hire flyering staff and watch how we can boost your business!

The Best Product Demonstrators for Hire!

Hire Product Demonstrators

* Bring your products to life with our perfectly placed product demonstrators.
* Get the public interacting with your product / service.
* Product Demonstrators can boost your brand awareness

Bring your products to life by hiring our savvy in-store product demonstrators! Actually showing people how to use your product/service can really bring your brand to life and familiarise potential customers with what exactly it is you have to offer. We perfectly position our product demonstrators to really engage potential customers and drive sales. We offer the most likable and approachable product demonstrators to really make the most of presenting your product in the best possible way.
This marketing tool really encourages your customers to interact with your product and is a proven method of boosting sales and generating growth.
Hire product demonstrators today to start growing your business.

hire campaign actors

Hire Campaign Actors and Actresses

* From extras to lead movie roles, we have the right Campaign Actors and Actresses for you.
* Stress-free experience from start to finish
* No need for casting agencies

Trawling through casting agency websites can be a hassle, so let Contraband Crew find the perfect Campaign Actors and Actresses for your campaign so you don’t have to. Simply let us know your requirements and we will find the perfect Campaign Actors and Actresses to fill the role. All of our campaign actors and actresses which are available to hire have the right amount of experience to hit the ground running. We’re confident we will fully understand your vision, and work closely alongside you to provide the right person to suit your exact requirements.
We provide talented campaign actors and actresses for the smallest roles, such as extra work, to established performers who can be used in TV advertisements or movies.
Call us today to hire campaign actors and actresses.

The Best Hosts and Hostesses for Hire!

Hire Hosts and Hostesses

* Sophisticated hosts to greet your guests
* Our Hosts and Hostesses create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable event
* Our Hosts and Hostesses make sure your guests receive the best treatment

Get everyone talking by hiring our VIP hosts and hostesses. Our enthusiastic Hosts and Hostesses handle everything from the initial meet and greet of guests to the goodbyes (and everything in between). We pride ourselves on understanding your vision and choose the right personalities to boost the atmosphere at your function. Let us ensure your guests receive the best treatment and leave with a lasting impression of your business.
Hosts and hostesses are the first people your guests will see, we believe in sophistication and professionalism and this is exactly what we offer. We make sure all of our promotional staff are fully qualified with the relevant experience to perfectly aid your event.
Enquire today to hire hosts and hostesses and elevate your event.

The Best mystery shoppers for Hire!

Hire Mystery Shoppers

* Gain constructive feedback on your stores performance from our Mystery Shoppers
* Mystery Shoppers can provide market research against your main competitors
* Mystery Shoppers offer vital information that could really transform your business

Knowing that your customers are receiving the best possible treatment from your employees is imperative for any business. Let us allocate experienced, and most importantly impartial mystery shoppers for your store to review how the services provided by your in-house staff live up to expectations.
A mystery shopper is a person who poses as a real customer whilst assessing the customer service levels provided by a company or organisation. Mystery shoppers can also be used to check competitor pricing or ensure your company is staying within the guidelines. A mystery shopper can carry out the assignment via a telephone call, email, letter, website survey and or face to face visit.
The benefits of utilising mystery shoppers are for analysing: competitors, customer buying experience, staff performance, overall shopping experience and customer brand perceptions.
We have mystery shoppers to cater for any purpose – so hire mystery shopping staff today with Contraband Crew.

Hire the best promotional staff

Top 5 benefits of hiring promotional staff?

  • Creates a stand out experience
  • Promotes brand awareness
  • Educates your audience on your product or service in a fun, upbeat manner
  • Adds to the immersive event experience
  • Ensures your audience is managed in a way to benefit your event best