Hire Festival Crew

  • Stunning festival structures of all sizes
  • From small corporate events to music festivals
  • Highly skilled and fully safety checked project managers

Producing breath-taking festivals whilst meeting the avid needs of the audience is a real challenge for festival organisers, but Contraband Crew thrive on the challenge to give festival-goers an experience to remember!

Contraband Crew have taken over the centre stage when it comes to building festival structures – we specialise in creating exceptional structures which will wow any festival crowd. We offer a unique and diverse range of structures and configurations for every kind of festival!

At Contraband, we have an enthusiasm and passion for pioneering and a commitment to your event. Our festival crew only consists of the most highly skilled and hard-working riggers and project managers with structural design and development. We understand the need to provide festival crew that can easily be on the move, are willing to travel, work long hours and respond quickly to your requests.

Our Festival Crew have built structures for:

  • Arenas
  • Bars
  • Food Stalls
  • Restaurants
  • Retail areas
  • Toilets
The Best Festival Structures crew for Hire!

Contraband Crew’s Festival Crew assembling structure at Leeds Castle

In terms of festival structures, we can build and fit any of the following temporary features:

We also offer the additional option to hire festival staff.


Large Tent Roder HTS

Festival Clearspan Marquees

Clearnspan marquees differ from traditional marquees as they are constructed using a modern aluminium frame which is covered using a PVC material. The modern frame is sufficient and stable without being reliant on additional support poles or other such infrastructure, allowing the space within to be utilised to its full capacity. The spacious environment of clearspan marquees is perfect for festivals and events alike due to their all-season capacity, durability and functionality.
The highly adaptable nature of Clearspan marquees are suited to a variety of internal layouts which includes different floor systems to ensure level surfaces making it possible to install interior furnishings.
Hire our expert Festival Crew to construct your clearspan marquee.

hire marquee crew for marquee rigging

Festival Covered Arenas

Festival covered arenas are an essential part of all-season festival planning. We understand that fluctuations in the weather can be difficult to plan for and manoeuvre however festival covered arenas are the perfect solution to ensure the audiences experience is not dampened by the climate.
Festival covered arenas come with the standard roof, floor and wall features however the interior can be designed by you to best suit your festivals demands. Festival covered arenas are suitable for both seated and standing crowds, or a mix of both, making them the perfect flexible festival solution for the cooler months.

festival dance tent

Festival Dance Tents

No festival is complete without areas for your audience to let their inner Beyonce come to life. We understand the need for your audience to retain shelter without feeling enclosed – a variety of unique and elegant Stretch Tents are perfect for large scale festivals or more intimate settings.
Dance tents, subsequent to their flexible design can work within various different environments, creating a unique style perfect for your festival. Stretch tents are known for their practicality, subsequent to being more versatile than traditional marquees. Dance tents are suitable for all-year-round use subsequent to their robust nature making them wind and rain durable. Although open-style dance tents are historically popular within the festival scene – an enclosed dance tent may be suitable for smaller, more personal events.
Contact us today to hire our Festival Crew to build your Dance tent.

Vitra geodesic dome

Festival Dome Marquees

If you’re looking for something different, perfect for more intimate festival situations, dome marquees might be what you’re looking for. Domes, also known as ‘marquee domes’ are a unique take on the traditional marquee design. Dome marquees have a unique structure and intricate framework making them one of the most popular marquee designs in the industry. Their versatile, robust yet attractive nature makes them ideal for any festival or event where both aesthetics and functionality is essential. Their versatility doesn’t stop at their unique dome-shape; they can also be added onto larger structures to create separate spacing within one structure, perfect for sectioning off bars or VIP areas.
Dome marquees, range from single though single with sail to double domes. We understand that getting the right aesthetic for your festival whilst retaining purpose and function is important to ensure your festival atmosphere is as great as you envisage. As dome marquees come in a variety of different styles we will  ensure you’ll find the right one for your festival or event.
Hire our professional Festival Crew to construct your dome marquee.

2009 Mile High Music Festival Main Stage Photo by Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Festival Stages

Getting the stage right for your festival or event is pivotal to the success of your festival or event. The festival stage is at the heart of the entertainment and choosing a reliable, experienced source to provide your staging is essential to the smooth running of your festival or event. There are a range of different sizes and structures of pole tents to suit your specific demands. Simple indoor platforms are ideal for smaller more intimate festival events while large, outdoor roof staging is perfect for centre stage festival entertainment.
From space roof to orbit stages we can build them all and are always happy to consult you before making any of your final decisions. We provide only the highest quality service, using trusted and reputable sources to provide you with first class staging that will take your festival or event to the next level.
Hire our expert Festival Crew to build your festival stage.

Bestival 2010 Big Top Arena

Festival Pole Tents

Traditional pole tents are inherently popular due to being available in a wide selection of shapes and styles. Natural canvas traditional pole tents are best suited to grass environments and require additional surrounding space for the guy ropes. Traditional pole marquees are available with or without additional flooring however we recommend choosing between a selection of boarded, matted of carpet flooring.
Traditional pole tents are naturally light and spacious due to their high ceilings. Many of our traditional pole tent styles also offer the option to open up the wall space to create doorways which double up as great ventilation. Once the foundation and pole tent has been constructed you can choose whatever décor suitable for your festival or event.
Hire our hard-working Festival Crew to construct your pole tent.