Hire Plant Operators

  • Plant Operators available to hire, for all tasks
  • Super reliable and efficient Plant Operators
  • Plant Operators trained to CPCS standards

Our fully-qualified plant operators and plant drivers are available for hire and for any task across the UK and Europe. We work alongside your requirements to provide you with the perfect operative for the job. All of our plant operators are trained to CPCS or IPAF standards and excel in health & safety, productivity and reliability.

We provide a variety of plant operators for hire, each with a minimum of 3 years experience and certified to some of the world’s leading accreditation bodies, including the National Plants Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS) and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).

Our plant operators include:

contraband crew plant operators

We provide a variety of plant operators for hire – each with a minimum of 3 years of experience.

Depending on our customers’ needs we can complete qualifications such as:

  • BESC (Basic Electrical Safety Competence)
  • NGP (National Grid Persons) – certification for working on overhead lines and substations
  • PTS (Personal Track Safety)

Plant Operator Hire Service:

hire cherry picker operators

Hire Cherry Picker Operators

Cherry picker operators are great for rigging high structures for your event

Hire our cherry picker operators – all of our cherry picker operators are capable and qualified, with the necessary licenses from IPAF or CPCS.
What is a cherry picker?
A cherry picker is a hydraulic crane with a railed platform at the end for raising and lowering people. A cherry picker is also known as boom lift, man lift, basket crane or hydraladder. Often mounted on the back of a lorry, cherry pickers can also be mounted on paneled vans. Some cherry pickers are mounted on self-moving platforms or stand-alone trailers.
Why hire a cherry picker?
The versatility of a cherry picker can be a valuable implement when rigging high structures with legs above 6 metres. Cherry pickers are also advantageous for filming events as a cherry picker allows cameras and other filming equipment to be mounted at great heights to give the audience an extra exciting viewpoint.
Why hire our cherry picker operators?
Our cherry picker operators have experience in rigging marquees and other temporary structures, working on events such as the Royal Wedding and Wimbledon. Our cherry picker operators are proficient and will ensure they take on any job responsibly.
Hire cherry picker operators to rig high structures for your event.

hire forklift operators

Hire Forklift Operators

Save time and money when it comes to moving heavy loads indoors

Hire our forklift operators – all of our forklift operators are capable and qualified, with the necessary licenses.
What is a forklift?
A Forklift is a small industrial vehicle, which has a power operated forked platform attached at the front of the vehicle that can be raised and lowered for insertion under an object to lift or move the object, over short distances.
Why hire a forklift?
Forklifts serve the needs of various industries which require heavy objects to be moved or lifted.
What is the difference between a forklift and telehandler?
Both machines have a similar purpose in industry however telescopic handlers have evolved to become better suited for larger jobs. Telescopic handlers are generally larger in size than forklifts and are able to go further distance than forklifts. Unlike forklifts that only have lifting forks, the boom on telescopic handlers allows different attachments to be fitted to it, to help carry out specific functions. Due to these differences forklifts are generally preferred indoors in factories and warehouses, whilst telescopic handlers are usually chosen to work outdoors.
Our experienced forklift operators cover:
Counterbalance Forklift Operators
Our qualified counterbalance forklift operators available for hire, can help you save time and money when it comes to moving heavy loads. As they transport stillage from A to B or stack and de-stack lorries our Counterbalance Forklift operatives will work safely and effectively so that the work is done well.
Rough Terrain Forklift Truck (RTM) Operators
An alternative to the counterbalance forklift is the rough terrain forklift which is much more effective in outdoor environments. Our competent rough terrain forklift operators are also trained in the use of this machine.
Contact us today to hire Forklift Operators: Counterbalance Forklift Operators & Rough Terrain Forklift Truck (RTM) Operators.

By Royal Window Cleaning [CC BY-SA 3.0 
)], from Wikimedia Commons

Hire Scissor Lift Operators

The elevated platform on a Scissor Lift is perfect for reaching heights safely

Our dedicated and experienced professional scissor lift operators available for hire are fully trained in using this mobile vertical machine.
What is a scissor lift?
A scissor lift is a motorized vehicle with a railed platform at the top of the scissor lift which can be raised straight up. The scissor lift is clearly and visually distinguished through the criss-crossing metal supports that elongate as the scissor lift platform is raised.
Why hire a Scissor lift?
Scissor lifts provide a mobile means of reaching difficult-to-reach areas and areas that are very high safely and without any concern for balance that a worker would have if they were using a ladder.
Why hire our scissor lift operators?
With extensive experience all our scissor lift operators available to hire, have worked all over the UK installing marquees and structures, or even setting up Christmas lights for the festive season. Our IPAF trained scissor lift operators can run the scissor lift machine while static or mobile, as we have various crew who have received licenses in all the categories from IPAF 1a and IPAF 3b.
Hire scissor lift operators using Contraband Crew today!

hire telehandler operators

Telescopic Handler Operators

Great for safely and efficiently transporting stillages and moving very heavy objects outdoors

We have numerous telehandler operators who are dependable and experienced.
What is a telehandler?
A telehandler is a lifting machine/ vehicle. At first glance a telehandler resembles a forklift but a telehandler incorporates a telescopic boom, making it more like a crane than a forklift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic or articulating boom that can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle.
Why hire a telehandler?
The flexibility of a telehandler makes it a valuable tool on any site and with our expert telehandlers, any tasks are sure to run smoothly. Unlike forklifts that only have lifting forks, the boom on telescopic handlers can have different attachments fitted to it including forks (ideal for lifting all sorts of loads including pallets, concrete blocks, steel and timber etc. ), buckets, crane jibs (allowing the telehandler to be easily turned into a pick and carry crane), winches, Man baskets…
Why hire our telehandler operators?
With a wealth of experience in both the marquee and construction industry our telescopic handler operators can safely and efficiently transport stillages and assist with rigging structures.
Contact us today to hire telehandler operators.

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