Hire Temporary Structures Crew

  • We supply skilled temporary structures builders & fitters
  • Full self-build crew with tools
  • Get exactly size of structure what you need for your event

Marquees and temporary structures are the lifeblood of Contraband Crew. At the heart of Contraband Crew are the temporary structures crew. It’s what we do best!

From temporary supermarkets to swimming pools, grandstands to wedding marquees. We have full time, experienced, marquee and temporary structures crew, a base of 20 foreman and charge hands, with an additional 40 regular contractors, and 150 temporary marquee labourers and riggers; all trained and ready for action. Look no further than us – we provide skilled, experienced, flexible and efficient teams of Marquee Riggers and temporary structures crew to meet all your event needs. We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation as one of Europe’s top temporary structures crew providers.

Here at Contraband Crew we now have one of Europe’s largest networks. Our temporary structures crew provide a top quality service, that can be customised especially for the wants and needs in your specific event. We have a great team of over 1,200 especially skilled crew members, who all work round the clock to make sure everything is set and in place at the highest standard possible.

Working with some of the biggest temporary structure manufacturers in the world, Contraband Crew can provide any crewing solution to your temporary structural needs. You can put your trust in our temporary structures crew, who have worked with manufacturers such as Losberger, Hocker, Roeder, Walter, Armbuster, Eureka, Neptunus, De Boer and Veldamen.

When clients are looking for hard-working, reliable and skilled temporary structures crew, they come to us. We have built up a qualified team of temporary structures crew with the best skills, so that we can support all your requirements at a moment’s notice, whatever size your business or event is.

temporary structures builder and fitters taste london

Taste London 2018 – Our Temporary Structures Crews will meet all your event and retail structural needs – from festivals to supermarkets, global sporting events to temporary warehouses.

Contraband Crew have successfully supported the event industry for the past 14 years. We have assembled a huge variety of temporary structures at some of the most prestigious events throughout the UK and Europe, assisting with the build of over 1 million square metres of temporary structures in 2015 alone.

Having solely focused on the events industry, we have come to understand what organisations face when up against a deadline. That is why we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fast-reacting, flexible, and efficient service to meet your event needs.

We supply individuals and skilled tradesmen through to the provision of a full self-build crew with tools. This means we can support all your requirements at a moment’s notice, whatever size your business or event is.

Hire Builders & Fitters for Temporary Commercial Structures:

The best Temporary Retail Structures Builders & Fitters

Temporary Retail Structures

Warehouses, Temporary Supermarkets & Temporary Storage solutions.

Hire Warehouses, Temporary Supermarkets & Temporary Storage solutions for your event.

The best Temporary Storage Structures Builders & Fitters

Temporary Storage Structures

Contraband Crew assemble a range of structures for use as storage facilities, to meet your temporary storing requirements.

We understand that your clients’ storage issues can cause an array of problems. That is why Contraband Crew is available at the drop of a hat, to work with you to find the best storage solution to meet your clients’ needs.
Our teams assemble a variety of options in order to provide temporary storage solutions quickly and effectively. We work alongside you to help increase storage capacity during periods of growth, seasonal peak times etc.

The best Temporary Supermarket Builders & Fitters

Temporary Supermarkets

Let us help you create, extend, replace and increase capacity for your temporary retail activities.

We love working with our clients and assisting the retail sector with a variety of commercial solutions; ranging from exciting new pop-up shops to helping stores continue trading whilst they carry out essential refurbishment work.
Contraband Crew have provided solutions for a variety of needs including:

Stand alone temporary supermarkets and showrooms
Temporary retail buildings
Product launches
Replacement stores
Relocatable products
Semi-permanent buildings

The best Temporary Warehouse Builders & Fitters

Temporary Warehouse Structures

We can support your installation of the perfect temporary warehouse for a multitude of general, industrial & specialist uses.

Complying with stringent UK and International building regulation requirements, Contraband Crew install ideal temporary warehouses to suit all budgets and operational applications. Working on your warehouse solutions, we can help assemble, dismantle and work with you to relocate storage quickly and easily.
Our teams can help erect your required size of robust and secure warehouses to fit the specific environmental and location needs for your client.

The best Temporary Seating Builders & Fitters

Temporary Seating

Our staff work with a vast range of temporary seating solutions to provide the most effective and comfortable seating structures for any event.

Contraband Crew relish the challenge of providing temporary seating crew for all of your events. Whether indoor or outdoor, we assemble a wide range of seating to suit your requirements, and our teams install them with the utmost care and speed. Serving vast capacities for events encompassing stage productions to large sporting experiences, our seating solutions include:

Flat Tip-Up seating systems
Tiered Grandstands
Covered Grandstands
Congress, In Style and Diplomat upholstered seating

Hire Builders & Fitters for Temporary Event Structures:

The best Temporary Corporate Event Structures Builders & Fitters

Temporary Corporate Event Structures

Our crew help you achieve your clients’ expectations of their corporate event, ensuring it is both engaging and exciting!

We construct a leading range of structures and features that can be tailored to meet your clients’ corporate event requirements.
Leave your target audience with a view of your brand more positive than you could have ever imagined!
We have worked on a variety of successful events, some include;

Product launches
Gala dinners
Client entertainment
Conferences and Roadshows
Company parties
Marketing and Sales events
Awards shows and Recognition events

The best Temporary Festival Structures Builders & Fitters

Temporary Festival Structures

We excel in providing crew to work at the fast-growing line-up of festivals throughout the year, from globally renowned festivals to your local county fair.

Producing breath-taking shows whilst meeting the avid needs of the audience is a real challenge for festival organisers, but Contraband Crew thrive on the challenge of working with marquee firms to make sure every event gives festival-goers an experience to remember!
We understand the need to provide crew that can easily be on the move, are willing to travel, work long hours and respond quickly to your requests.
In terms of structures we can build any of the following temporary features:

Covered Arenas
Carpenters / Set builders
Traditional pole tents
Dance tents
Clear span

For the purpose of:

Food Stalls
Retail areas

The best Temporary Private Party Structures Builders & Fitters

Temporary Party Structures (Weddings/Birthdays/Etc)

Let us help you make someone’s special day truly unforgettable with stunning celebratory surroundings.

Whatever your clients’ dream wedding ideas are, Contraband Crew want to help make them come true by working with you to create unique and beautiful venues for celebrating in.
We assemble a wide range of different marquees for wedding ceremonies and receptions, including:

dining areas
dance floors
bar units
welfare facilities

Temporary Structures Crew Sporting Events

Temporary Sporting Event Structures

Stay ahead of the game by using Contraband Crew to assist you in building the experience at your next exciting sporting event.

Contraband Crew is a major solutions provider to sporting events across the UK and abroad. Our expertise and reliability in building structures to tight deadlines whilst adhering to strict quality and safety standards, means we are hard to beat.
We install the following facilities, as well as bespoke packages, to meet diverse and unusual sporting experiences:

Event venues e.g. stadiums, tracks, pitches etc.
Hospitality structures
Spectator suites including private suites
Public dining and bar areas
Media centres
Information kiosks
First aid/medical centres
Lighting & Heating
Retail outlets
Administration facilities
Event staff

temporary university structures contraband crew

Temporary University Event Structures

Graduate with flying colours by using our services to help you create amazing venues for your university event.

When it comes to the day students finally get to graduate Contraband Crew is able to help you create venues that visually delight, whilst offering the ideal layout, capacity and facilities.
Tailor made to meet your every requirement, our structure crew are perfect to assist with graduation ceremonies, balls, party spaces, fundraising events and academic conferences.
Our hard-working team can provide a wide range of university event solutions, including:

Tents and Marquees
Sound and Lighting
Catering areas
Information kiosks